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Hello! My name is Matt. My bio in brief: I love to travel and live to be asked to make murals (and exhibitions) in different countries. As my work may suggest I read and write a lot and have a lot of mural propositions to make (still I consider myself an artist working with people to create my proposals everyone is happy with; this is in contrast to merely 'illustrating' others ideas). I studied at two prestigious art schools in Great Britain: Wimbledon University of the Arts London and a Masters of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art (gaining awards and a full Leverhulme scholarship). I lived in New Mexico until I was 12 and moved back to England afterwards. Now, in this present moment I am travelling to make murals throughout the America's.

Lima, Peru: ´Sagittarius´.

Sagittarius started with a friends’ conversation with the owner of the premises about me going to make a mural outside Lima, namely ‘Sketchbook Mural #1‘. The French owner (with his beautiful Peruvian family) offered meContinue reading